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TWO POINT: CAMPUS + Space Academy DLC game review (7) (age rating 3+)

Create the campus of your dreams!

Two Point: Campus is a hidden gem, I didn’t know I needed until I played it. I actually hadn’t heard much about the game to begin with, but when it was put forward to me by the wonderful Nataly from SEGA, I wanted to give it a shot. 

And oh boy, I wasn’t expecting such a wholesome, sims-like game where you run your own campus.

Today I’ll be reviewing the base game alongside the new DLC that just launched: SPACE ACADEMY.

Thank you Nataly and SEGA once again for the review code.

So, what’s it about?

Two Point: Campus is a business management simulation game from the creators of Two Point: Hospital by Two Point Studios and published by SEGA.

In Two Point: Campus, your goal is to rejuvenate and create new campuses across the Two Point world, turning them into successful facilities for students and staff to work and attend. 

You manage and shape their lives, and expand the world of your campus through new courses, facilities, buildings and more.

Building your dream campus

There are lots of different campuses (also known as levels) in Two Point: Campus, each with a different theme that keeps things interesting as you play. 

From cute woodsy universities to magical and epic mediaeval ones, where you train knights and wizards. Each campus is introduced in a cute, story-driven way and whilst the quirky visuals of the characters may not be for everyone, I kinda enjoyed the cuteness of it.

There are different objective scenarios that the main character from each campus will guide you through, and you unlock the other campuses and new features by completing said objectives. 

You start off with Freshleigh Meadows, which is a tutorial campus to show you the ropes of the game, and in order to unlock the others, you need to work your way up and reach, at least, a 1 star rating. It’s only by improving each campus can you unlock the next.

So, as I said before, you start off with a nice introduction of the campus you’ll be running, with a unique character, who guides you along the way with different missions, including what facilities and rooms needed on the campus before beginning the academic year.

You also have these tokens known as Kadosh, which you earn through doing challenges that you can use to unlock cool new furniture and items for your campus as well.

Start of the Academic year!

For each campus you have a set budget and once you’re ready to invite the students in, you can start the academic year.

Students will fill the grounds and you’ll finally have the chance to run your campus.

Each academic year lasts roughly 20 minutes in real time, depending on if you use the fast forward button or not (As you can see in the picture above). During this time, you control the surroundings of your staff, teachers and students to ensure they have a good year.

Depending on what objects and events you put on during the school year, students will interact with each other and even develop relationships in the right setting. 

Later down the line, you’ll also be able to take out loans too if you’re ever short on cash, but beware, you’ll have to pay it back AND with interest on top!

There are a variety of different personalities that your students can have, so you have to be mindful of that too. You can always check their wants and needs, as seen above, and adjust things in the campus to suit their needs. Also, in order to have a successful academic year, you need to make sure you constantly have enough staff and janitors covering your classes, libraries, cleaning the school, etc as often they will go on break. Adding a staff room is always helpful too!

At the bottom of your screen (as you’ll see in the image above), there’s a monthly timeline, which represents the academic year for your campus and tells you how long you have before the year ends.

Then, at the end of the year you have a “graduation” review, which details an overview of all the things you accomplished during the academic year. It’ll let you know if any students dropped out, are carrying onto the next year or graduated from your university. It’ll also tell you which member of staff flourished, as well as your average takings and overall attractiveness of your campus.

It’ll then be the summer holidays, where you can then add extra courses to your university, up the attendance fee, expand your campus by buying more plots, or adding more buildings to fit your students’ needs.

Once you’re all set, you can then start the academic year again and welcome the students. 

Campus life!

Every student has specific needs and they will either drop out, succeed the school year or fail depending on if those needs are met.

They will send in emails with various requests that are split into two categories: Personal Goal and Assignments. The personal requests often centre around adding things to the campus that will improve relationships between students or for entertainment needs.

The assignment requests are from students who may need certain objects or rooms to complete their work. For example, they may need a certain bookcase in the library to finish their science assignment, or want a romantic bench on the grounds to help form and improve relationships.

With each assignment and personal need fulfilled, the overall campus level will increase, which will lead to more of your students graduating, and more wanting to attend, which ultimately means more income for you and the uni! You’ll also unlock other campuses on the map too.

Other things that pop up in your mail are requests from prospective students for open days in different departments on campus, a hygiene, food and entertainment inspection, as well as details of your earnings. It’s a great way to keep track of your outgoing payments for staff, etc and your incoming payments from student tuition fees, etc.

Also, sidenote, the tannoy/radio in the game is HILARIOUS and a lovely touch to the game as well. You’ll be playing and a random woman will say “this is a reminder that no matter how desperate you are, the campus grounds is not a toilet” haha!

There are also random events that’ll happen during your academic year too. From raining frogs to janitors having to fight off enemies trying to destroy your campus. The game constantly keeps you on your toes.

Freaky and fascinating classes and courses!

There’s a wide variety of courses you can run for your students in Two Point: Campus and I love that they’re so different. There’s about 17 in total (not including the DLC)

You have courses like Knight school, Virtual Normality, Gastronomy, Wizardry and more. There are different rooms and equipment all linked to the different courses available and it’s one of the things I love about Two Point: Campus.

And I love the challenge of making sure my students complete their assignments and earn A’s for each assignment.

Also making the campus, itself, look pretty is important to your staff and students, and personally, it was another favourite part of the game for me. I loved the freedom of turning the campus beautiful and successful in any way I wanted.

If I wanted to create a giant student union with a huge stage, and arcade games, I could. If I wanted a beautiful romantic garden in the corner of the university for my students to have flourishing relationships, I could!

It’s very much like Sims, where you can add and create different rooms, place different furniture inside and outdoors as you see fit. Even when you buy a plot, you can either work on it and add buildings from scratch or pay extra for it to have buildings already outlined and built on it, so all you have to do is create the rooms and add the furniture.

Different modes

Another nice touch in Two Point: Campus is the sandbox mode, in which you don’t need to worry about fees and deadlines compared to the campaign mode. Everything is also unlocked, so you’re free to create and have fun without any restrictions, and whilst many will love this mode, I actually preferred and enjoyed the different challenges and deadlines that came with the campaign.

Still, having a sandbox mode is definitely a good idea, especially if you want to test out and experiment with the other campuses, as they all unlock in sandbox mode after you reach a certain level.

There’s also a new challenge mode, in which you revisit old campus locations, but with challenging scenarios that you must navigate. For example, one of the challenges, known as The Siege of Noblestead, has a mob of zombies arriving on campus and you must keep them at bay. 


And now onto the awesome DLC!

Space Academy comes with three new “levels” for you to delve into.

Compared to the campuses in the base game, in Space Academy, you take over old space programs and transform them into amazing space learning facilities. It’s so cool.

The first place is called Universe city and you start off having to fire some of the old staff that worked there and use what you’re already given in terms of space and room to improve it. You have random events that can happen during the academic year, such as meteor showers that rain down on your academy and you can harvest them for money, alien invasions, and all sorts of fun, wacky scenarios.

Goals for plots

Instead of buying new plots for your academies, in the DLC, there are a few plots that can only be unlocked through completing certain objectives, which is another nice touch.


Real talk, I didn’t know what to expect going into Two Point: Campus. I hadn’t heard much about the game, but let me tell you, this is a hidden gem indeed! 

I thoroughly enjoyed the base game and Space Academy DLC, way more than I ever thought. It’s a beautiful jewel of a game that I’m so glad I got to play. So, shoutout again to the amazing Nataly at SEGA for hooking me up with it. 

I got so much satisfaction from fixing, an originally, run down university and making it flourish. It felt like such an achievement transforming it into an amazing campus, and honestly I could’ve spent all day on the game. I can’t even count how many hours I’ve played it already over the weekend. 

The sandbox mode and the Space Academy DLC are the cherry on top and I highly recommend giving this game a go, you won’t regret it. It’s so heartwarming and your hours of hard work are always rewarded.

There’s also a cool photo mode as well! Thank you so much for reading this review, have a lovely day peeps!

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