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What’s up guys, I’m back with another game review and I’m super excited to be diving into Naruto x Boruto Ninja Storm Connections! 

Most of you already know, but I’ve been a huge Naruto fan since I was a kid. Back then, Naruto was even on normal TV haha! Naruto, Shippuden, and all Ninja Storm games. I played them all. Even the Naruto game that was on the wii.

As for STORM CONNECTIONS, I was especially hyped to play it because I haven’t watched Boruto, so I knew I would get to truly experience a new story and characters without any knowledge of them, aside from Boruto, and Sarada, and the little extra story they gave in the previous Stork game.

Thank you so much for Bandai Namco and for the review copy!

So without further ado, let’s get into it!

*All images used are screenshots from my PS5

What is Naruto x Boruto ultimate ninja storm connections about?

So, if you didn’t know already, Naruto x Boruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm Connections is the 7th installment in the Ultimate Ninja Storm series, which is developed by CyberConnect2 and published by Bandai Namco.

With over 130 characters to choose from STORM CONNECTIONS is a fighting game starring characters across Naruto, Naruto Shippuden and Boruto manga and anime series by the amazing Masashi Kishimoto. 

It tells the story of Naruto Uzumaki (and later on his son Boruto) Who are ninja who dream of becoming the leader of their village (A Hokage) and have built relationships and friendships with their many peers, as well as enemies.

A new take on the history (History Mode)

Now unlike the previous storm games, STORM CONNECTIONS, doesn’t have the same cinematic animation cutscenes story mode that retells the history of what happens in the first two anime.

Whilst I liked that they switched it up with how they retold the story. I do feel like this method of text over pictures with iconic battles played out in between is catered more to those who have played the old Storm games and have already watched Naruto and Naruto Shippuden. 

Considering the past storm games replayed these scenes in full, it’s understandable why they chose this route of switching it up, but I do feel that all the reading could put off anyone who hasn’t seen the anime, especially the younger gamers. 

But as someone who watched both Naruto, Shippuden and played all the storm games, I didn’t mind this switch up in storytelling. I got to play the main battles from the anime that I loved, but was reminded of the story at the same time. 

Guess I guess it also helps that I love reading in general too haha!

BUT there’s also a whole new story from Kishimoto himself in STORM CONNECTIONS too  which we’ll get into later. 

(Look at my girl Hinata!!!)


If you’ve played the past couple Ninja Storm games then the combat system will be very familiar with you. I know there are some people who complain about the fact that the combat system hasn’t changed, but I actually like the combat as it is. It’s like a ‘if it’s not broke then don’t fix it’ thing. 

I play so many fighting games and I like that this is one fighting game that I have that is more laidback. Also, one thing I will say that Storm Connections does, is make the combat even more accessible and easier for newcomers to the game by having a simple controls mode.

This was such a good idea because it means that even someone who has never gamed before can easily play STORM CONNECTIONS, making it a great entry game to new gamers, no matter their age.


This is one thing I LOVED in STORM CONNECTIONS. It was so cool that you got to customise your favourite characters in so many ways in the game. Naturally, I had to customise my girl Hinata and my boy Minato. 

It’s a section that really stood out to me in the game, and I don’t believe the previous Storm games had as much options either. Before, you could only change the appearance of your character’s substitute jutsu or put something on their back, but with STORM CONNECTIONS you can customise items on their back, front, head and more!

Definitely a nice touch and makes the characters more personal to you, especially when you play online!

Online battle and free mode!

I can’t really fault the online battles. They’re pretty standard with you being matched with random people online, and you can see the disconnection rating. It’s pretty much the same as the previous games. Just like with the previous STORM games you can to customise your own ninja calling cards and titles, which is like your ID for playing online, and you unlock more choices the more you play the game as different characters.

Free mode, is also the same as the previous games where you can play split screen with friends and family, as well as a fun tournament mode.

New Boruto story!

I wont go into any major spoilers, but the new story in STORM CONNECTIONS is definitely different to say the least haha. I actually thought the idea would make some great anime episodes. 

So a big part of the story is that involves a game within a game (try wrapping your head around that haha!).

There’s a new VR game going around Konoha and Boruto wants to win something special for his little sister, Himawari, and so he gets his hand on the device and dives into a virtual reality world of Konoha (I know, stay with me!). 

There’s also mini missions you do alongside the main story ones, and honestly, I liked doing them, but after a while it does run the risk of feeling a bit tedious.

Character leveling!

Like I said before, the game features over 130 characters, covering almost everyone from Naruto and Boruto. Each character has a different skill set/ jutsu style, so players can pick the one that they like the most. If you’re an OG to the Storm series then you’ll probably already have your mains, but there are plenty of new characters to try out too. I had so much fun trying out all the new characters.

There was even one who’s final technically during awakened mode is self destruction and takes out your opponent with them in one shot. I literally burst into laughter when this happened, because I didn’t know and it counted as a win.

And with that said, another new feature in STORM CONNECTIONS is leveling up characters. Each time you battle with a character you level them up depending on the score you achieve and any mini challenges you beat, for example “beat the enemy with 80% health left”.

After figuring out your favourite characters, it’d be best to focus your efforts on one or two characters at a time, so you can unlock new items for them quicker. While most accessories and costumes are pretty easy to get, some do require you to raise the proficiency of particular characters, which makes playing more interesting and gives you more incentive to battle with certain characters.

I think this is an excellent incentive to get players to play more as I was determined to get ALL of Hinata and Minato’s accessories.

Side note!

There’s also a cute encyclopedia for every single character (including their different individual power types) in STORM CONNECTIONS, which I actually enjoyed reading through. Like I said before, if you don’t mind extensive reading in games then this is also a nice edition to the game, and shootout to the game devs who sat and wrote out each character profile because there were SO MANY!

No open world 🙁

One thing I will say that I missed a lot while playing STORM CONNECTIONS was the fact that there is no open world gameplay compared to the previous game. I felt like that was the main thing missing from the new story mode. 

Even if it was only during the time when Boruto was in the “virtual game” playing as his father. It would have been a nice touch to add that open world element back into the game, rather than just have scenes that you click through. It did get a bit boring after a while.

Overall conclusion

To be honest, I did enjoy getting to know the Boruto characters whilst playing the story mode. I don’t know how players who have watched the Boruto anime would feel, but it was quite refreshing to me. 

However, it did feel like STORM CONNECTIONS was lacking in the open world aspect that made the previous Ninja Storm game so great. I’d say, definitely get the game if you haven’t watched Boruto or if you’re completely new to the storm series as the game is very welcoming to new players.

I’m definitely glad I got to play it, but at the same time I would have been fine missing out on it too. It’s a strange one, but overall I would say a 6.5/10. It was the customisations that truly won me over.

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