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THE DEVIL IN ME preview review (5) (age rating 18+)

Hi everyone, this is a mini preview review for The Devil in Me by Supermassive Games and published by Bandai Namco.

I want to thank Bandai Namco EU for giving me a preview key of the fourth instalment of the phenomenal Dark Pictures Anthology series: The Devil in Me. 

I’ll be releasing the full review once I play the full game when it’s out, so this review will be focused on the hour and a half preview.

I’ve also done a YouTube video review, so be sure to check that out here: 

And with that said, let’s begin! This will be spoiler free!


As expected, the gameplay in The Devil in Me is similar to all of the other Dark Pictures Anthology games, but with a twist. Each character appears to have a special item that helps them on their journey, or capture something creepy, which I’ll go into a bit later.

Just like its predecessors, premonitions are back! They are items (in this case paintings) that show premonitions of outcomes and events that can happen during your gameplay, either as a warning or an encouraging sign on future actions you should take/avoid.

There are bearings, which document every major decision you’ve made in the game so you can keep track of all the diverging paths of the story  and collectibles that you find that can help you piece together what’s happened in this hellish hotel!

As well as that, QTEs (Quick Time Events) are back too, which can get your pulse racing, trying to click the right buttons on time, and remembering that sometimes doing nothing is better than taking action in these kinds of games.

Decisions decisions decisions 

Yes! As expected of a game from Supermassive Games, decisions dictate who survives the night. You’ll be given choices throughout your gameplay with both speech and actions, and it’s down to you to decide which is the right one.

Now, let me tell you, I was VEX during my first run through of the preview as for the first time ever I got a character killed in a Dark Pictures Anthology game! I was fuming because I thought I made the right decision, even after seeing the premonition of said death, but I was wrong, choose violence and got a character killed!

If you wanna see who, check out my Tiktok: @Janellemccurdy.

I was so angry, I got them killed, but since it’s a preview of the game, I’m gonna say that doesn’t count and I still have my streak that I haven’t killed off a character in any Dark Pictures Anthologies game haha, but it was definitely interested that my initial instincts were maybe TOO suspicious and that’s what got the character killed.


Right off the bat we are introduced to our fearsome five, and I say that very loosely haha. Because let me tell you, there’s definitely gonna be characters that you’ll love and want to protect and others that you’re just gonna want to sacrifice right off the bat.

Our characters are a group of filmmakers, who have gotten the opportunity to create a show about the infamous “Murder Castle” also known as the World Fair Hotel, where Mr Du’Met is supposed to meet them and show them around, but he’s nowhere to be found… and someone else roams the hotel instead.

So, first up you have Charles who immediately just rubbed me up the wrong way with his foul mouth and bossy ways. Honestly, he was the main one I was waiting to sacrifice to save the others haha! 

Then you have Erin, who is a sweet girl, who appears to be an intern and the newest addition to the group.

There’s Kate and Mark. Who I got to know a bit, but I’m still not sure how I feel about then yet.

And finally you have Jamie, who once again, I only played as her for a little bit towards the end, but I know I want her to survive. She’s got one of those smart, but badass vibes going on.

As I said before each character seems to have an item that can help them on their journey. Charles has a credit card that can unlock cabinets and drawers, Mark has his camera and a tripod stick to knock things down from high places, and take pictures of potential creepy phenomena in the hotel and Erin has her sound tech.

There’s one moment in the preview in which you play as Erin and you’re walking around with some sound equipment and she picks up a lot of creepy things in her headset. It’s actually one of my favourite scenes in the preview, so I won’t spoil it, but just know you’re in for a wild ride.

The Hotel

The World Fair Hotel itself is creepy and definitely gave me 1408 kinda vibes, if you haven’t seen that film, you definitely should because that’s what the World Fair Hotel looks and feels like! Like I said, I won’t go onto too much in thus preview review, but there were times during certain sequences in the game that I legit got lost walking the halls and I loved every bit of it! That old vintage vibe both fascinated me and gave me the creeps as the hotel doubles up as a museum experience around a certain serial killer.


I REALLY enjoyed this preview of The Devil in Me. It’s a tiny bit of a slow burn at first, but that’s to introduce the characters and warm things up before things take a quick turn, and we’re introduced to the horrors of the hotel with plenty of delicious jumpscares, mysteries and secrets. I have so many questions and theories already and I can’t wait to dive into the full game!

I can’t wait for you all of your reactions too when you play. The Devil in Me is out 18th November, so be sure to preorder and be on the lookout for my full review when the game is out!

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