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LITTLE NIGHTMARES II game review (3) (age rating 16+) HORROR GAMES REVISITED

*all images used are screenshot captured by my PS5

Because I love horror games so much, I decided to replay some of my old favourites and figured I’d do a fun review of them in this new “Horror Games Revisited” review series! I’ll still be doing reviews of other new games as well!

With that said, onto the main event!

Little Nightmares 2 is easily one of my favourite horror games to play. It’s deliciously dark and a masterpiece in itself. What makes it so great is the unique approach it takes to the horror game genre. It’s mysterious yet seemingly innocent/childlike style to the game in the beginning quickly descends into a game filled with disturbing, yet fascinating nightmarish beings, which leaves you thinking at the very end about what the story is about, and where the characters are left. You’ll literally be like “What. Just. Happened!” By the time you reach the end. It’s amazing. With dark, twisted monsters around every corner, I can’t wait to tell you all about it and dive more in.

This will be a spoiler free review!

What is Little Nightmares II about?

Little Nightmares 2 (LN2) is a horror puzzle platform adventure game developed by Tarsier Studios. 

It’s a sequel to its predecessor: Little Nightmares (If you haven’t played it, you definitely should!) and this time the story centres around a little boy called Mono, who wakes up in a strange world and finds himself constantly pursued by a creepy tall enemy, and encounters many others along the way.

He winds up finding a little girl trapped in a room and frees her, thus starting off this scary adventure together, trying to escape and survive.

There’s only five chapters, and the game is relatively short with about 5 hours of gameplay, unless you strive to get all the trophies and bonuses, which can make it moreso about 8-9 hours for you.

But don’t let the fact its a short game fool you, you’re gonna be in for a wild ride! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve replayed this fantastic game. It’s a masterful work of art.


So, the controls are pretty simple in LN2, just like its predecessor, with a few added functions. It’s definitely a game I’d recommend to any type of gamer.

You can run, sneak, climb and jump as you explore the different spooky locations. You have an action button to push and pull things, and later on a torch to use too (You’re definitely gonna need it!)

Compared to the first game, in LN2, there’s even a chance to fight back in certain segments of the game, which can become both fun and frustrating if you don’t get the timing right! But it’s a nice way to switch it up from the first Little Nightmares game.

Plus, they added the cutest hand holding function in the game, that serves no other purpose than just being cute. Throughout the game I was tugging along my companion by the hand to make sure she was safe, and kept up with me whilst I ran through this nightmarish world. Although, I’m sure if I didn’t she would have kept up anyway haha!


Let’s start with the titular character Mono! I’ll leave his companion out of this review, so you can find out about her on your own.

Mono is an adorable and seemingly kind hearted boy, whose focus is to get out of this hellish world with his new companion. He’s plagued by these constant headaches linked to TVs and finds himself being pursued by a very menacing being. 

Mono barely talks in the game, in fact the only time he really talks is if you tap the button to “call” your companion over. Yet despite this, speech isn’t really missed or needed with any of the characters in the game. If anything, it made me more focused on the story and the characters as a whole as the chapters went on.

As I ventured through the chapters and the story went on, I found myself caring for Mono more and more as his personality came out in little different ways, especially during the school chapter, and that’s why the ending left me heartbroken. (You won’t be able to guess what happens so don’t even try lol!).

Tarsier really hits the nail on the head with their titular characters in the Little Nightmares games, both with appearance and personality. It’s truly a work of art how they do it.

Monsters! Monsters! Monsters! (Slight spoiler if you want to know nothing about the monstrous beings you’ll encounter!)

Now, for the monsters of the game. In LN2 the monsters are certainly uncanny, and some of them almost seem to play on how our society is so consumer driven, and in Little Nightmares 2 that means having soulless twisted looking human beings obsessed and addicted to looking at TVs, or sitting seemingly aimless in chairs. 

However for me, these beings were far from the scariest. Wanna know what creeped me out? Mannequins. Beware of the creepy Mannequins that will remind you of the Weeping Angels from Doctor Who. All I can say is good luck when you encounter them, haha!

And even then, they aren’t the scariest part of LN2 either. There’s one more that freaked me out.

A certain TALL man gave me the shivers every time he appeared on the screen (You’ll know the inspiration behind him the moment you see him). But whilst it’s easy to guess where his character design is based from, it certainly doesn’t make you feel any better that you’re being chased!


Little Nightmares 2 is a brilliant and hauntingly fantastic game that deserves countless awards for bringing something different to the horror game genre. It stands amongst the great and the ending was honestly SOMETHING ELSE! It was amazing, especially with the twist at the end that left my heart in tatters. 

While I’ll understand if they end the story there for the Little Nightmares games, I really hope they make a Little Nightmares 3, and according to rumours, this certainly seems to be the case, so fingers crossed.

Either way, this is a must play game, especially for those who love horror, you will not be disappointed! I’m certainly a huge fan!

Also, let me just say THE MUSIC is on point. There’s a certain little melody in the game that will be stuck in your head for a long time haha!

5 out of 5 stars!

Side note: Make sure to play Little Nightmares before playing the second game too! I hope you all enjoyed this review!

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